"Hi Intensity Performance Low Impact Results"

Muscular Development

  • Muscular development is achieved by dynamic Bidirectional rotational force of multi-planned stretching and strengthening , teach the body-to store elastic energy, Aqualogix yields unparalleled effectiveness in the establishment of sports relevant muscular development potential.
  • Results that are impossible to achieve using traditional weight training methods are achieved rapidly with the AquaLogix technology and it’s design dynamically effects power and speed.
  • There fore it is inappropriate to think that the ability to lift heavy weights will enhance muscular development.
  • AquaLogix gives you the ability to train at the highest intensity while keeping the impact to a minimum, yielding faster recovery from your last heavy workout.
  • This allows you to hit it hard again sooner, resulting in getting bigger and stronger, faster.
  • Additionally, athletes will develop and improve “time-under-tension” & “mind-into-muscle” techniques, imperative to hypertrophy training.

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