"Hi Intensity Performance Low Impact Results"

Fat Loss & Toning


Are you interested in Fat Loss & Toning? Would you like to lose a few extra pounds? Have you held back due to excessive soreness, joint pain, back pain and poor endurance? You’re not alone! Look no further!
AquaLogix is the solution for fat loss & toning and perfect for you. Burn more calories than ever in a low impact aquatic environment! Aquatic exercise is ideal for creating a low impact training environment. By reducing the loads on your body, AquaLogix users experience the liberating ability to work at an enjoyable higher fat burning intensity, without the hurt.

That’s because YOU create the resistance from your own effort. You will only be capable of equaling your full potential and nothing more. So as you fatigue, you don’t have to stop. You just keep giving whatever you have left and you will safely progress much faster than traditional exercise alone! You will feel rejuvenated rather than beat up. Finally, you will lose weight and feel great doing it! What if you could combine Pilates, yoga, cardiovascular & traditional resistance training into one full body fat blast? With AquaLogix you can! Nothing will produce a sexier you.

What makes AquaLogix the superior form of training for those looking to increase strength and achieve that “lean” appearance without gaining mass is the absence of the ‘eccentric phase’. The eccentric phase of a contraction (often referred to as the “Negative”) occurs when a muscle lengthens while under tension.It is what causes the little tears that make muscles grow back bigger.

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